BECOME A DONOR ( Confidentiality Ensured )

    Want to become an egg or sperm donor?

    Egg or sperm donation is legal in India according to the new ART regulation bill 2023. Only registered ART Banks can carry out this procedure.

    Eligibility for egg donor program:

    • Aged between 23-35 years
    • Married.
    • At least have one child aged 3 years

    Eligible even if you had tubectomy operation.

    Eligibility for sperm donor:

    • Age between 21-55years

    By donating your eggs or sperm, you will be helping a childless couple. A couple might not be able to have children due to problems with their own egg or sperm.

    Your identity will be strictly anonymous and you will not have any legal obligation in the future.

    Egg/Sperm donors will be duly informed and clearly explained the procedure of egg donation and financial compensation that will be offered by the registered ART Bank in detail.

    All personal information shall be kept strictly confidential and all legal requirements shall be taken care by the ART Bank.

    London IVF Center is a registered ART Bank under the new ART regulation act 2023.
    Please contact us or walk in for further details.