London IVF and GeneTech Partnership for launch of Genomic Fertility Analysis based Fertility Treatments

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London IVF and GeneTech Partnership for launch of Genomic Fertility Analysis based Fertility  Treatments 

March 25th 2023, Vizag

London IVF and GeneTech are proud to announce signing of an MOU for offering  GeneTech’s advanced genomics testing based Genomic Fertility Analysis technology for all infertility patients  at London IVF. Genomic Fertility Analysis is a new technology that is revolutionizing how Fertility Medicine is practised worldwide. GFA technology offers a 360-degree analysis of infertility conditions of the patients and  provides specific intervention and therapy recommendations. Use of GFA technology has demonstrated  significant increase in the success rate for fertility treatments, reduction of treatment cycles and making quick  turnaround possible, effectively reducing the overall cost of treatment, and making it accessible for a wider  range of patients suffering from prolonged infertility.

Current infertility treatment scenario: About 10-14% of all couples in the age group of 25-45 are known to  suffer from infertility. This could be in the form of lack of conception or frequent loss of pregnancies. India  has about 275 lakh couples suffering from infertility. Yet, not more than 5-7 lakh couples are able to get treatment at IVF centres every year. This is due to various factors – lack of large number of IVF centres which are accessible to patients in smaller cities and towns is one reason. But more importantly, the current  diagnostic methods are unable to pinpoint the cause of infertility, leading to failure of cycles. More cycles or  repeated IVF failures also means prolonged treatments, and increased costs.

About London IVF: London IVF was established in 2015 in Vizag and quickly opened two other centres in  Rajahmundry, and Kakinada to cater to the needs of infertility patients in Andhra Pradesh to make fertility  treatments more accessible to a wider population. London IVF has invested in bringing the most advanced  techniques and technology in IVF treatments, establishing various partnerships with world renowned  technology providers, working towards bringing about a major paradigm shift in fertility treatment. In this  regard, London IVF is happy to announce its partnership with GeneTech in adopting their Genomic Fertility  Analysis technology for all ART treatments at London IVF.

GeneTech & GFA Technology: GeneTech is the country’s premier genetics and genomics laboratory which is  celebrating 25 years of excellence in genetic testing services this year. GeneTech worked on R&D for the GFA  technology using in-house Next Generation Sequencing technology facilities from 2017 onwards and recently  launched the products GeneFemina for Female Infertility and GeneAndro for Male Infertility. These products  are developed based on 25 years of data from infertility patients tested at GeneTech. All top IVF centres in  the country have started using this technology, and over 10 papers were published in important international  and national journals in the last one year. GeneTech presented the validation study at American College of  Medical Genetics, Seattle (USA) and was invited to speak at the American Society or Reproductive Medicine,  world’s top conference for Fertility Medicine in 2021.

Dr. Anuradha Udumudi, Founder and Chief Science Officer at GeneTech remarks: “The reproductive cycle  can be broadly divided into various stages – Reproductive Development, Gametogenesis, Gamete structure  and function, Fertilization, Embryonic Development, Implantation, Pregnancy, followed by Child Birth. There  are over 300 female conditions and 200 male issues that could potentially go wrong and cause infertility, 75%  of which are caused by genetic factors. Current diagnosis protocols account for less than 5% of these.  GeneFemina and GeneAndro not only diagnose each of these, but also looks at IVF Treatment protocol  aspects such as Ovarian Stimulation, Improved Egg Retrieval, Enhanced Egg and Embryo Quality, Implantation  Failure and Pregnancy Loss Risk Reduction – by providing customized patient specific treatment  recommendations, and thus ensuring success. We have done over 5,000 cases so far with over 95% diagnostic  yield, and doubling of success rate.”

Dr. Chandra Reddy, Managing Director of London IVF: “The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (UK) has outlined three goals that represent the future of the Infertility treatment industry: helping to create new families, preventing new generations from suffering severe diseases, and supporting groundbreaking research. London IVF is committed to working towards achieving these goals, with a particular focus on finding the root cause for repeated failures. We have already made significant progress on this front, being awarded the Best IVF Centre in AP Award by the Times Group and having the highest success rate in Andhra Pradesh. We have helped thousands of families by providing modern and high-level tertiary care, utilising cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our UK-trained team. We have also expanded the availability of our treatments by opening centres in Rajahmundry and Kakinada, with our new Vizianagaram branch opening shortly. Tying up with GeneTech is the signal of a new chapter in London IVF’s advancement into research. We hope to take steps towards designing babies that are free from genetic abnormalities. With the esteemed team at GeneTech and their excellent track record in this field, the partnership will be a win-win combination that will aid many of our clients by giving life to their dream.”