Fertility Health Check Package

At London IVF centre we offer a package which will help explore your fertility health. Whether you are considering having a baby now or you have concerns about your fertility; for whichever reason our Fertility health check package is designed to help investigate your fertility health before you think about having treatment.

**Please note that these tests are available individual

What do the tests involve?

Diagnostic semen analysis:

We take a sample of your semen and perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine if your sperm are healthy and sufficient in number to allow you to father a child. We will report the results in a clear to understand format using internationally recognized reference ranges for the sperm parameters we test.

Ovarian reserve blood test:

We take a sample of your blood and it is analysed in the laboratory for the levels of a hormone called Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH). The level of AMH in your blood allows us to give you an indication of your ovarian reserve (the number of eggs remaining in your ovaries) relative to your age and the ‘average’ woman. We can use this information to predict if you are likely to need to consider starting a family earlier or freezing your eggs to use later.

Ovarian ultrasound scan (fertility):

An ovarian ultrasound scan is performed using a trans-vaginal ultrasound probe to allow us to visualise your womb and ovaries and determine if they are healthy. It also enables us to look at the ovarian reserve by measuring the number of small follicles (Antral follicle count).

Review consultation:

A one hour discussion with one of our experienced consultants to undertake a thorough review of your results (and any results of previous fertility treatment or tests you wish to bring along with you). We will answer any questions you may have and, if appropriate offer you information and advice regarding the next steps in planning your family.

The London IVF Centre team is here to help and guide you throughout your journey. Please do contact us with any questions or queries about the process or to arrange your fertility health check.