Sperm Bank

A sperm bank, is a facility that collects and stores human sperm from husband or sperm donors for use by women who need to achieve pregnancy.  The process for introducing the sperm into the woman is called artificial insemination.

The increasing range of services which is available through sperm banks nevertheless enables more couples to have choices over the whole issue of reproduction. As per the new ART rule women may choose to use a surrogate to bare children using eggs provided by the woman and sperm from a husband only donor egg and donor sperm not allowed. 

Men who choose to donate sperm through a sperm bank also have the security of knowing that they are helping women or childless couples to have children in circumstances where they, as the biological father, will not have any legal or other responsibility for the children produced from their sperm.

London IVF is a Certified Center for Sperm Banking in accordance with the new ART rules.

Prospective sperm donors will undergo a detailed medical and genetic history assessment. They will be screened for diseases such as Hepatitis, Syphilis and HIV through blood tests. At the time of donation, they will be asked to sign a consent form for sperm donation.

The donated sperm will be frozen for six months. After this period, the donor will undergo another infection test. If the result is negative, the sperm will be used for donor treatment. Donors will also be requested to provide Aadhaar authentication; however, this information is solely for record-keeping purposes, as per ART rules.

Donor confidentiality and privacy will be strictly maintained.